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 Key products/services:  Educational System and Training Programs.

Established in 1970,  Imperial Engineering Limited Part. and Imperial Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the field of Educational System and Training Program.  The company is one of the  Thai’s foremost importers of advanced electronic system and educational system.


We are leading company who specializes in responding to government tenders in educational equipment for Engineering and Science for thirty years.  Our market is emphasized on the government and the private institute all over the country.  In addition, we supply some equipment to the training center of government organizations such as the Telephone organization of Thailand (Training Center), Civil Aviation, and the Industrial Companies as well.  We have an annual sales volume over $ 6 million.


Currently, we are contacted by the Department of Vocational Education (DOVE), universities and some other institutions.  Therefore, we are interested to introduce your products to the department and we are also ready to promote  your products.  Having had experience in marketing products similar to your own, we are familiar with customers’ needs and are confident we could develop a good market for you in Thailand.  We have an experienced staff of engineers, sales representatives, after-sales service division who would push your business.


If you  are interested in our proposal please let us know which of your products are most likely appeal to  our customers  and the turns for commission and other charges on which you would be willing to represent us.

  Company Name :   Imperial Technology Co., Ltd.
  Imperial Engineering Ltd. Part.
  Established :   17 ¡ØÁÀҾѹ¸ì 2513
  Address :   46/166 Moo.12 Nuanchan Rd, Klongkum
  Buengkum Bangkok, Thailand 10230
  Telephone :   (02) 363-4382-7
  Facsimile :   (02) 363-4388
  Capital :   US $ 150,000
  No. of Employees :   25
  No. of Consultants:   5
  Service Department :   2
Our Products Top
1. Electrical & Electronics
  -Basic Principles of Electricity & Electronics
  -Digital & Microprocessor & Digital Signal Processor
  -Industrial Electronics
2. Electric Power & Controls Training Systems
  -Electromechanical Training Systems (EMS)
  -Simulation Software for EMS Training
  - Power System Analysis and Protection

-Power Electronics


-Programmable Logic Controls (PLC)

3. Telecommunications Training Systems
  -Analog and Digital Communications
  -Radar Training System
  -Microwave Technology

-Antenna Measuring and Training System


-Fiber Optic Communications

4. Manufacturing and Mechatronics Technology
  -Automation and Robotics
  -Fluid Power
  -Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating
  -Instrumentation and Process Control
  -Exploring Manufacturing Technology
5. Mechanics
  - CNC Software
  - CNC Milling Machines
  - CNC Laboratory
  - CAD/CAM Software
  - CNC Lathes Machines
  - CIM

Physics Experiments, Apparatus, Sensor, Meter and Computer Interfaces.








-General Science/Life Science/Environmental/Earth Science

7. Instrument / Measurement
  -Electronics Measurement

-Function Generator & Counter  


-Digital Multimeter


-Power Supply

  - Civil Aviation Training and Simulation Systems

- Military Aircrew and Maintainer Training Systems


- Naval Operator and Maintainer Training Systems


- Simulation and Training Systems for Land Forces


- Military and Commercial Avionics Test Equipment


- Unmanned Vehicle Control Systems

9. Laboratory Equipment
  - Software (Scientific, Measurement)
  - Microscope
  - Overhead
  - Test & Measurement Instrument
Our Clients Top
 Government Project
  1. Oversea Economic Corporation Fund(OECF)
-Petrochemical Project ; Rayong Technical College
-Nakhon Si Thammarat Shipbuilding Technology & Industrial College
  2. World Bank Project
  3. Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  4. Asian Development Bank (ADB Project)
 Government Organization
  1. Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT)
  2. Electrical Generating of Thailand(EGAT)
  3. The Labor Department of Thailand
 Universities and Schools
  1.Vocational Education Comission (VEC)
   (More than 370 Technical College and School all over  the country.)
  2. Rajamankala University of Technology(RMUT)
  3. Rajabhat University
  4. Civil Aviation Training Center
  5. Universities such as Chulalongkorn University, Ubon-Rachathani University,
    Na-resuan University,Sura-Nari University,Assumption University & St.John University.
  6. King Mongkut Institute of Technology
  7. Skill Labor training center
  8. Private School; Chonburi, E-Tech and  Siam-Technology
  9. Mahidol University
  10. Chulalongkorn University Demonstration School
  11. Minitary Project